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Investment Management Strategies to help you exceed your benchmark.

We will work with you to find the investment strategy that best matches your needs from our suite of risk-controlled and benchmark-centric investment products.




Constantia Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor. We directly manage our strategies for the sophisticated individual and institutional investor.




Our investment strategies - quantitative as well as Merger-Arbitrage - are designed with realistic expectations, limited tracking error, and fair fees as our top priorities. We offer products benchmarked to traditional equity indices as well as a liquid fixed-income alternative strategy.



  • Quantitative strategies have performed well over recent full market cycles due to their disciplined implementation of an intuitive and rigorously researched underlying investment thesis.

  • Quantitative strategies are particularly strong at identifying stocks to avoid. In a 130/30 account those become shorting candidates.

  • Proliferation of low-cost brokerage services makes these strategies available and attractive to institutions and high-medium
    net worth individuals in the form of Separately Managed Accounts ('SMA').

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