We've partnered with EndowBridge Capital to provide an Asset Allocation solution for our clients.

EndowBridge's proven model is based on the success of larger endowments. However, they differentiate themselves compared to other endowments and wealth managers by:

  • The starting point for portfolio construction is a typical Equity/Bond mix, but with important differences.

  • EndowBridge offers several strategies for investors with different risk profiles.

  • Endowments have been successful by investing in Venture Capital. EndowBridge uses Tech and Biotech ETFs as proxies for venture capital.

  • Endowments invest directly in Real Estate. EndowBridge invests in REIT ETFs for similar exposure.

  • Treasuries act as portfolio insurance and TIPs provide some inflation protection. 

  • EndowBridge uses low-cost index funds and beta tilts to add value.

  • Disciplined rebalancing adds value during market volatility.

  • Very low fees - typically only 20 bps.