When my younger son was going off to college, I asked Harvey Fram, a friend of mine, for financial advice on some bond funds that we were considering. After discussing the strategies and operations of the fund, it seemed like a wise alternative. Three and a half years later, my returns are comfortably ahead of all those bond funds. I've withdrawn money twice, which has been easy with the separate account structure at Interactive Brokers.


Bob M

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I’ve been a Constantia Capital client since March 2016. I had heard of Merger-Arbitrage before, but never really paid attention to it until the Constantia team introduced me to how it conservatively earns a low-risk return that’s better than traditional fixed-income funds. I especially appreciate the personal relationship and detailed explanation of the recent transactions that contributed (or not) to the monthly net.


Robert P

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The Merger-Arb investment product has been very useful in our cash management program. We operate commercial real estate with cash reserves for capital repairs and upgrades. The M-A returns have insured that the buying power of those reserves is maintained over the years. In fact, the returns have substantially exceeded alternative interest rate products such as CDs and MMAs. Very pleased with this investment and we have added to our account as a result.


Rich A

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I’ve been a Constantia Capital client since January 2015. At that time, I had two kids, one about to go to college - I wanted to invest the money so that the returns would beat college inflation. To be honest, I had never heard of Merger-Arbitrage until discussing this with Harvey, but almost five years later, returns are well ahead of expectations.


Pete W

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